9th of May 2012 - 4th GUNROX birthday

9th of May 2012 - 4th GUNROX birthday

05-09-2012, 07:41 AM

We've come a long way through all these years and we are happy that many of you stayed with us all this time.

To celebreate GUNROX birthday by popular demand we are doing a 30% discount for both individual and complete resets! Offer will be valid for a few days.

Also we are starting traditional birthday tournament. Over 500 players already signed up to determine who's the best in a fair battle! (no arts, no clan perks). 200 000 E for the first place and 100 000 E for the second place is a good incentive, so you should join too while there is time.

Being said that, in this time of the year, everyone could be a berserker!
For a few days you can purchase Dark Knight Armor and Dark Knight Helmer for only 1 E (if will expire after 7 days)

Happy holiday and good luck in battle!

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