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11-26-2012, 04:41 PM

Some of you maybe have been wandering why there was not so many updates in GUNROX lately and the answer is - we've been busy on something else.

GUNROX if 4 years and recently we've been working on a new exciting game called Totem Tribe 2.


Totem Tribe 2 is a massive online mulitplayer strategy game where all players are playing on one big world map at the same time.

In short - imagine the mix of classic games like Civilization and Age of Empires, add presistent multiplayer like in Travian or Evony, on the top of that put some quests and non-linear storyline like in Baldurs Gate plus puzzles and hidden object elements like in original Totem Tribe and you will get Totem Tribe 2.

In detail I will try to describe with pictures.

Here is how the level in the game will look like:


On that level you can build structures and expand your village:


You are not just building structures on such level, you are also solving quests and puzzles with our hero that can be customized. She can look like this:

Also here are sampled portraits that can be generated in the game (they are generated, meaning that they are not just a list of portraits you can select from, you can actually create a unique portrait):


That level I mentioned above is just a small town in your kingdom which can be huge. This is the world map of your kingdom: