Upcoming Clan Perk changes preview

Upcoming Clan Perk changes preview

03-09-2012, 10:37 AM

Clan perks

Major update to the clan system is coming soon. Clan Perks will become more competitive and will require more activity to retain. If you are curious about what exactly it will be, you can have a sneak peak into upcoming changes by viewing comments of this news.



Lately we were accused that we do not work on the game and that it is lacking updates.

Our answer is -
GUNROX is pretty stable and balanced game so far, so we don't plan to add any major stuff in the nearby future, however we are always looking forward to balance existing things and make the game more fair and enjoayble to all players, not just selected groups.

Therefore I want to provide you this sneak peak on new things we are going to change in GUNROX in the nearby future.

Clan Perks change

We are going to rebalance Clan Perks System just a little bit to make it more fair to everyone. With the new update clan perks will start to work a little bit like outpost bonuses. Only clans who still active will be able to use clan perks. This will increase the competition in all areas of clan activity and will give more chances to new clans, cause all old clans who were active back in the days but are not active anymore will loose their power eventually.

So how does it work?

Clan activity will be divided into 6 categories, just like clan medal categories that exist now - Activity, Fame, Agression, Tournaments, Outposts, and Cash. All those categories will have internal weekly top 10 lists. Some of those categories already have top 10 lists like Agression, Activity, and Fame so you have an idea. A clan will have their ranks in each category counting from 10 to 0 (the higher the better). When clan reaches #1 spot in top 10 of some category, it is automatically assigned rank 10. If it reaches #2, it will get rank 9, and so on. If the clan won't reach top 10, it's rank will be 0. However if the clan got rank 10 once, and next week got lower top spot or haven't reached top 10 at all, it won't loose it's rank right away, it will be just decreased by 1-2 points per week until it will be zero.

What are those ranks and why should I care about them?
The rank in the category is the maximum level of Clan Perk of that category clan can use! In example if clan had Reshuffle and Concentration perks maxed out at 10 (both are in Fame category cause awarded for Hall of Fame medals) and haven't been playing for several weeks thus dropping out of top 10 in Hall of Fame, it's internal Fame ranking will start to decline slowly from 10 down to maybe 5 within several weeks. This means that their perk power of Reshuffle and Concentration will be down from 10 to 5 as well. However once this clan will become active again and reached #1 in Hall of Fame, their Reshuffle and Concentration power will be up to 10 automatically!

What about perks that were given for scoring in both categories?

You will have to reach both top 10 in both categories and the lowest place in one of the two categories will determine your rank for appropriate perks.
Perks that have only one level, like Gain Action will require rank 5 in both in order to use.

OMG! You are killing GUNROX, clans spent zillions of Cash to get their perks and you are taking them away!

In fact no. The system is not taking stuff immediately, it is slowly reduces perks power for inactive clans. Clans will have more than enough time to react, once they see decline on some perks. It will take over a month for perk to go down from level 10 to 0.

Besides this spices up the competition, which is lacking in some areas. If you are old enough, you remember how hot it was when new clan perks were just introduced and clans were fighting to get those new perks. Now when old clans got their perks, they just retired and use their perks to gain advantage in battle over new clans. Don't mind me wrong, clan perks were made to give an edge, but I think it is wrong when you have that advantage forever without doing a thing. You must at least have a little bit of competition to win that advantage.

I still think it's all doom and gloom! This game goona die!

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